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The 18th European School on Rheology, 4-8 April 2022


Welcome to the European School on Rheology webpage

The 18th edition of this event will take place (exceptionally not in the Summer, But) 4-8 April 2022 !


Generally, the European School on Rheology is an intensive short course designed to give practicing engineers and scientists an understanding of the fundamentals of rheology, its principles of measurement and its application to problem solving.

We are planning to conduct the course in person in April 2022. In case that the COVID-19 pandemic is still preventing this, the course is going to take place online, following the good example of the Minnesota rheology course in August 2020, with which we are biannualy alternating (check out their web page).

Master rheology the KU Leuven way!




The course is supported by: