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Peer reviewed journal publications


N.K. Reddy, Lj. Palangetic, L. Stappers, J. Buitenhuis, J. Fransaer, C. Clasen,
'Metallic and bi-metallic Janus nanofibers: electrical and self propulsion properties'
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 , 3646-3650 (2013).

C. Clasen,
'A self-aligning parallel plate (SAPP) fixture for tribology and high shear rheometry',
Rheologica Acta 52, 191-200 (2013).
(invited contribution to the “Part 1: Special early career issue: Trends and progress in rheology” Rheologica Acta 52 (2013))

C. Clasen,
'High shear rheometry using hydrodynamic lubrication flows',
Journal of Rheology 57(1), 197-221 (2013).

K.M. Schultz, L. Campo-Deano, A.D. Baldwin, K.L. Kiick, C. Clasen, E.M. Furst,
'Electrospinning covalently cross-linking biocompatible hydrogelators',
Polymer 54(1), 363-371 (2013).

C. Clasen,
'Determining the true slip of a yield stress material with a sliding plate rheometer',
Rheologica Acta 51(10), 883-890 (2012).

C. Clasen, P.M. Phillips, L. Palangetic, and J. Vermant,
'Dispensing of Rheologically Complex Fluids: the Map of Misery',
AIChE Journal 56, 3242-3255 (2012).

D. Vadillo, W. Mathues, and C. Clasen,
'Microsecond relaxation processes in shear and extensional flows of weakly elastic polymer solutions',
Rheologica Acta 51, 755-769 (2012).

L. Imperiali, K.H. Liao, C. Clasen, J. Fransaer, C.W. Macosko, and J. Vermant,
'Interfacial Rheology and Structure of Tiled Graphene Oxide Sheets',
Langmuir 28(21), 7990-8000 (2012).

C. Clasen, P. Szabo, G.H. McKinely,
'Constant force extension of polymer solutions',
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 169-170, 26-41 (2012).

P. Erni, M. Varagnat, C. Clasen, J. Crest, G.H. McKinley,
'Microrheometry of Sub-Nanoliter Biopolymer Samples: Non-Newtonian Flow Phenomena of Carnivorous Plant Mucilage',
Soft Matter 7, 10889 (2011).

A. Vananroye, P. Leen, P. Van Puyvelde, and C. Clasen,
'TTS in LAOS: Validation of Time Temperature Superposition under Large Amplitude Oscillatory Shear',
Rheologica Acta 50, 795-807 (2011).

S.J. Baik, P. Moldenaers, C. Clasen,
'A sliding plate microgap rheometer for the simultaneous measurement of shear stress and first normal stress differences',
Review of Scientific Instruments 82(3), 035121 (2011).

Z. Zhang, P. Pfleiderer, A. Schofield, C. Clasen, and J. Vermant,
'Synthesis and Directed Self-Assembly of Patterned Anisometric Polymeric Particles',
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133(3), 392-395 (2011).

C. Clasen,
'Capillary Breakup Extensional Rheometry of Semi-dilute Polymer Solutions',
Korea-Australia Rheology Journal 22(4), 331-338 (2010).

L. Campo-Deano and C. Clasen,
'The Slow Retraction Method (SRM) for the determination of ultra-short relaxation times in capillary breakup experiments',
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 165, 1688-1699 (2010).

C. Clasen, H.P. Kavehpour, and G.H. McKinley,
'Bridging Tribology And Microrheology Of Thin Films',
Applied Rheology 20(4), 196-208 (2010).

O. Regev, S. Vandebril, E. Zussman, and C. Clasen,
'The role of interfacial viscoelasticity in the stabilization of an electrospun jet',
Polymer 51, 2611-2620 (2010).

C. Clasen, J. Bico, V.M. Entov, and G.H. McKinley,
''Gobbling drops': the jetting-dripping transition in flows of polymer solutions',
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 636, 5-40 (2009).
(also featured in Focus on Fluids (E. Villermaux, 'Hesitant Nature', Journal of Fluid Mechanics 636, 1-4 (2009))

E. Miller, C. Clasen, J.P. Rothstein
'The effect of step-stretch parameters on capillary breakup extensional rheology (CaBER) measurements',
Rheologica Acta 48, 625-639 (2009).

C. Clasen,
'Complex structures, new detection methods',
Nachrichten Aus Der Chemie 56(2), 163-165 (2008).

R.H. Ewoldt, C. Clasen, A.E. Hosoi, and G.H. McKinley,
'Rheological fingerprinting of gastropod pedal mucus and synthetic complex fluids for biomimicking adhesive locomotion',
Soft Matter 3(5), 634-643 (2007).
(also featured in Chemical Science 4 (2007), 'Substitutes for snail slime')

B. Yesilata, C. Clasen, and G.H. McKinley,
'Nonlinear shear and extensional flow dynamics of wormlike surfactant solutions',
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 133(2-3), 73-90 (2006).
(also ranked as the most downloaded paper from Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics in 2006)

N. Kojic, J. Bico, C. Clasen, and G.H. McKinley,
'Ex vivo rheology of spider silk',
Journal of Experimental Biology 209(21), 4355-4362 (2006).
(also featured as a key development paper in Inside JEB ('How spiders spin', J. Exp. Biol. 209(21) i-a (2006))

C. Clasen, T. Wilhelms, and W.M. Kulicke,
'Formation and characterization of chitosan membranes',
Biomacromolecules 7(11), 3210-3222 (2006).

C. Clasen, J.P. Plog, W.M. Kulicke, M. Owens, C. Macosko, L.E. Scriven, M. Verani, and G.H. McKinley,
'How dilute are dilute solutions in extensional flows?',
Journal of Rheology 50(6), 849-881 (2006).
Recognized with the Journal of Rheology Publication Award 2007 for the most outstanding paper published in the preceding 2 years.

C. Clasen and W.M. Kulicke,
'Rheo-optical determination of flow birefringence and flow dichroism with the pulsed laser method',
Review of Scientific Instruments 77(8), 7 (2006).

C. Clasen, B.P. Gearing, and G.H. McKinley,
'The flexure-based microgap rheometer (FMR)',
Journal of Rheology 50(6), 883-905 (2006).
(also featured in the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology 14(21), (2006).

C. Clasen, J. Eggers, M.A. Fontelos, J. Li, and G.H. McKinley,
'The beads-on-string structure of viscoelastic threads',
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 556, 283-308 (2006).

J.P. Plog, W.M. Kulicke, and C. Clasen,
'Influence of the molar mass distribution on the elongational behaviour of polymer solutions in capillary breakup',
Applied Rheology 15(1), 28-37 (2005).

C. Clasen, G.H. McKinley,
'Gap-dependent Microrheometry of Complex Liquids',
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 124, 1-10 (2004).

M. Laschet, J.P. Plog, C. Clasen, and W.M. Kulicke,
'Examination of the flow behaviour of HEC and hmHEC solutions using structure-property relationships and rheo-optical methods',
Colloid and Polymer Science 282(4), 373-380 (2004).

C. Clasen and W.M. Kulicke,
'Rheo-optical studies of barley (1 -> 3)(1 -> 4)-beta-glucan solution: Detection of the flow behavior of aggregates in the sol state',
Journal of Rheology 47(2), 321-335 (2003).

C. Clasen and W.M. Kulicke,
'The gelation of (1 -> 3)(1 -> 4)-beta-D-glucans',
Monatsschrift Fur Brauwissenschaft 56(9-10), 161-+ (2003).

C. Clasen and W.M. Kulicke,
'A convenient way of interpreting steady shear rheo-optical data of semi-dilute polymer solutions',
Rheologica Acta 40(1), 74-85 (2001).

C. Clasen and W.M. Kulicke,
'Determination of viscoelastic and rheo-optical material functions of water-soluble cellulose derivatives',
Progress in Polymer Science 26(9), 1839-1919 (2001).