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Belgian Group of Rheology

The Belgian Group of Rheology (BGR) was founded in 1972 and is an association of scientists interested in the various aspects of rheology. Members are individuals, normally working in Belgium (but not exclusively), either in academic or industrial organizations.

The BGR organizes typically one activity per year. It also represents its members in international organizations such as the International Committee on Rheology. The BGR was one of the founding societies of the European Society of Rheology.

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PSYCHO-RHEOLOGY using rheology as a sensorial trigger

a joint symposium of the BGR and Procter&Gamble

date: April 23, 2012

location: P&G Brussels Innovation Centre (directions)

registration fee: 20 Euro (payment by cash upon arrival)


During this workshop, it will be demonstrated that rheology is a very useful tool in the development and formulation of daily life products.  The programme will show examples of food rheology, the application of rheology in sensory perception studies, ...  This will be a very applied workshop, giving hands-on experience by people from academia and industry.  The presentations can be downloaded here: