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Master of Safety Engineering

Supported by the essenscia Chair Safety Engineering


For more than 25 years, the Faculty of Engineering of the KU Leuven has offered an Advanced Master's Programme in safety technology. This program was intended to prepare participants for the role of safety officer in large industrial plants, as required by the Belgian law. The teaching was accompanied by research activities in industrial safety.

To meet changing industrial demands and to keep up with major new developments in the field of technical and occupational safety, KU Leuven and essenscia joined forces to review and renew the contents of the existing programme.

essenscia Chair Safety Engineering

The essenscia Chair Safety Engineering supports the Master in Safety Engineering programme. The chair was inaugurated at KU Leuven on 13 November 2009 and is held by Prof. Jan Van Impe. One of the goals is the promotion of high quality education in the field of industrial safety. As a result, the renewed and expanded Master of Safety Engineering has a stronger focus on process safety and is more internationally oriented.


The structure of the Master of Safety Engineering programme is modular. It contains a common compulsory part and a part in which students may choose between two options.

  • Process Safety: Students interested in the mainly technical aspects of safety may select this option. It is directed towards the study of safe and reliable plant operation. Teaching is exclusively in English, opening up the programme to an international audience.
  • Prevention: This option includes non-technical aspects and refers to the local Belgian context. This option leads to the Certificaat Preventieadviseur Niveau 1 as defined by Belgian law. Part of the teaching is in Dutch.

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Master of Safety Engineering

Programme Director

Prof. Jan Degrève, Chemical Engineering Department, KU Leuven

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