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Department of Chemical Engineering

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Research Units


CREaS - Chemical Reactor Engineering and Safety

ProcESS - Process Engineering for Sustainable Systems

SMaRT - Soft Matter, Rheology and Technology


Building CITThe Department of Chemical Engineering is responsible for the education of future chemical engineers and PhD's in chemical engineering. The programme in Leuven champions a combination of a profound 'chemical engineering' background, complemented with unique facets of internationally  significant topics. Therefore, you can become acquainted with product-oriented thinking as an addition to the more traditional process-oriented education. At the same time, modern aspects of chemical engineering, like process intensification, biotechnology and sustainable processes, gain a prominent position in the programme. For further information you can always contact programme director Ilse Smets.

Bachelor of Engineering (dutch)
Master of Engineering: chemical technology
Master of Safety Engineering (MaNaMa)